Automate Document Workflows with Generative AI

Eigen Technologies (Eigen), a global intelligent document processing (IDP) provider, has announced the launch of version 6 of its no-code artificial intelligence (AI) platform featuring new Generative Insights, Tables, and Pre-processing features

As enterprises explore how to use large language models (LLMs) to solve real business problems, ensuring they are leveraged safely and accurately is paramount. Eigen’s new Generative Insights feature combines the power of LLMs with Eigen’s core data extraction capabilities to radically reduce the amount of time it takes a user to go from raw data to business decision.

Now, Eigen users can harness the power of AI to automate processes exponentially faster and cheaper, while relying on Eigen’s model risk management framework to adhere to their own enterprise governance and compliance controls.

“Eigen 6 helps our clients make practical use of the latest developments in generative AI to automate document workflows. We have combined our own proprietary AI capabilities with the latest LLMs to accelerate automation, all with safety in mind.” Said Dr Lewis Z. Liu, Eigen’s Founder & CEO. 

“At Eigen, we have pioneered auditable and manageable AI. From our first clients, the world’s leading financial institutions, we have built auditability, model risk management and model governance into our platform. With the arrival of ever more powerful LLMs, using AI safely, and accurately, becomes critical.

“Eigen 6 provides more ways for users to control and manage their risks. We believe this is the right approach to ensure human expertise is leveraged when training and scaling data extraction and document workflows.”

In addition to giving business users the ability to leverage LLMs from within the platform, Eigen 6 includes an enhanced no-code data extraction capability for tables. Users can run extractions on data contained in cells within tables or entire tables themselves.

Lastly, Eigen’s new Pre-processing hub accelerates a users’ ability to prepare, sort and classify documents as part of their ingestion workflows, once again reducing the amount of time it takes organizations to get value out of the data within their documents.

With Eigen 6, anyone can:

- Pre-process documents as part of their ingestion workflows.

- Automate workflows easily without involving IT or technical users.

- Choose between commercial and open-source LLMs, including GPT 4, GPT 3.5, Llama 2 and BERT.

- Create, record, and audit the source document and queries passed to an LLM.

- Leverage Eigen’s next generation table cell extraction capabilities, paired with optional LLM integrations.

- Use Eigen’s proven model risk management framework to protect company data and documents.

- Continue to combine Eigen’s existing hyper cost-effective extraction models with the latest GenAI models for maximum impact.

Eigen’s latest release continues to build off the core features of Eigen’s platform, which makes it faster, safer, and cheaper for non-technical users to automate the extraction of data from structured and unstructured data sources.