PSPDFKit automates Document Processing with XtractFlow

PSPDFKit has announced the release of XtractFlow, an intelligent document processing (IDP) engine powered by generative AI. XtractFlow provides advanced automation for large-scale document classification and data extraction across a broad range of formats.

XtractFlow promises simple setup and deployment to a single day and using generative AI from OpenAI and Azure in the first release to intelligently identify the document format, classify the types of documents co-mingled in unstructured storage, and consistently extract data, regardless of its location in the document, with human-level accuracy.

XtractFlow efficiently extracts data from hundreds of document formats, including PDF, JPEG, Office and CAD files, regardless of document complexity.

With minimal setup, XtractFlow automatically categorizes documents including contracts, legal filings, lab reports, bank statements and more, in high-volume workflows. Developers can easily customize deployment with either the XtractFlow SDK or API.

XtractFlow effortlessly interprets and retrieves the data users need, avoiding extensive coding and the strict rules for data extraction with a no-code approach, and enables a natural-language experience for the end users.

"We've always felt we could go far beyond traditional IDP technology — more accuracy and more intelligence — along with less work spent setting and tuning it for specific workflows," says Miloš Đekić, Vice President of Product Management at PSPDFKit.

"Generative AI has enabled us to deliver XtractFlow and bring human-level accuracy to document classification and data extraction in a way that significantly accelerates time to value for our customers."

XtractFlow supports PSPDFKit customer data security standards with a strict non-storage policy and aligns with global data retention standards, ensuring integrity and security at every step of your applications and business processes. A free trial is available.

PSPDFKit recently announced the acquisition of Integrify, a low-code process automation platform provider. The addition of Integrify, following the acquisitions of Muhimibi and AquaForest in 2022, expands PSPDFKit's low-code document solution by adding business process automation capabilities, addressing the needs of the entire document lifecycle.

Integrify offers a low-code solution for rapid implementation of business process automation and enables integrations with third-party applications (e.g., Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Slack) to create sophisticated solutions that address use cases across every industry.

Users can set up custom forms, create sophisticated process flows that include approval steps, notification integrations with existing third-party infrastructure, and build in metrics and reporting to facilitate process, performance and cost optimization.


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