Bonitasoft offers new Analysis Capability

Open-source digital process automation company Bonitasoft has launched Bonita Process Insights. This data analysis capability, which connects to Bonitasoft’s flagship BPM-based Bonita process automation platform, is designed to extract and present process data that can be used for optimizing business processes.

Bonita Process Insights was initiated in response to the following questions frequently posed by Bonita customers who have automated critical business processes:

- What happens, step by step, when a process is executed? Can we better understand how a process actually works?

- How are our automated processes performing?

- Where should we look to make changes to improve process efficiency?

- When we make changes to processes, how do those modified processes perform compared with previous versions?

- What factors affect process execution?

Bonita Process Insights extracts data from processes built and deployed using the Bonita process automation platform and presents it visually in a set of dynamic dashboards. Business teams are now able to access aggregated data, analyze that data, and track alignment of process performance with objectives. With the ability to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes and then take action to address them, business teams are able to drive automation projects aligned with business goals.

“Our goal is to ensure that the implementation of process automation delivers on its promises,” said Charles Souillard, Bonitasoft co-founder and CEO.

“Business process owners are responsible for aligning processes with organizational objectives, and this first release provides full capabilities for collecting process data and presenting it visually so managers can focus on improvements to meet their objectives.”

Bonita Process Insights is compatible with both the free edition of Bonita Community and Bonita Enterprise.


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