DynaFile enhances HR Document Management

An electronic filing solution for HR, DynaFile, has been updated with improved user experience, streamlining document handling, and increasing compliance and security.

The new intuitive interface offers features like customizable column display, ordering, and sorting to allow users to focus on the information that is most important to them. Users can also now have multiple search terms selected to view, allowing for cross-correlating information across documents or even employees.

In addition, users can now connect to their Microsoft 365 or Google email accounts, allowing for direct contact lookup and sending emails from users' accounts. The advanced customization of index fields reduces time spent on document handling tasks, making a more streamlined document registration process.

Adding new documents to the system has been simplified with enhanced drag-and-drop features, allowing users to add documents directly to employee's folders. Innovative pre-population features that understand context and recognize unique values have made adding new documents and registration faster and more user-friendly.

With this release, DynaFile has also implemented a fully web-based intra-document document page management interface that allows users to reorganize pages within multiple documents at once. Finally, barcode processing has been enhanced to utilize 2D barcodes that persist index information and allow for future adjustments to document indexing without the need to regenerate barcode cover pages.

Enhanced document-sharing features have been added that allow for one-time access, password/passcode protection, remembering of link expiration dates, and link access notifications. Features like the "share current search" allow users to copy a link to the exact search they are viewing to share with other users, enhancing cloud collaboration.

Other additional document-sharing features, such as sharing specific document pages as attachments and the ability to convert to PDF and send as attachments, increase team collaboration further. In addition, the ability to recover deleted files gives admins a safety net and the ability to recover from mistakes.

Increased compliance and security have been added with advanced audit trails with new user event logs that provide a history of the logged-in user's actions and upgraded report building.

The refactored open API allows for increased interoperability through seamless integrations with systems such as HCM, HRIS, LMS, Payroll, and ATS.



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