Exterro Releases New Discovery Management Platform

Exterro Releases New Discovery Management Platform

February 6th, 2007: Exterro has introduced what it is calling the legal industry’s first fully integrated discovery management platform, saying that through the use of collaborative technology more control can be exerted over time, cost and risk.

Called Exterro Fusion, the software has been designed specifically for law firms and corporations and provides centralised management of litigation lifecycles and integrates with existing case and content management systems for greater control, scalability and flexibility.

The company claims that Fusion gives legal teams control during the litigation lifecycle by offering tighter collaboration among outside counsel, in-house legal teams, service providers and experts. It says the solution automates work flow, business rules, project specifications using existing legal and document management information.

"During complex litigation, negotiations or time-intensive governmental investigations, managing legal teams without the proper automation is a tremendous headache and distraction," says Bobby Balachandran, president and CEO of Exterro. "Exterro Fusion eliminates these issues and brings reliable management control and predictability to a process fraught with surprises and volatile costs. Exterro Fusion enables proactive planning, as opposed to the current reactive environment."

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