Kazeon Manages 3,000 TBytes

Kazeon Manages 3,000 TBytes

June 30, 2008: eDiscovery specialist Kazeon has announced that it now has in excess of 50 billion documents and 3000 terabytes being managed by its Information Access and Management platform.

Kazeon provides Information Management services for corporations, hosting service providers, legal services providers and law firms, and 3000TB is quite a milestone.

The company claims its Information Server has the capability to process more than 17 terabytes of data per day - the industry’s highest performance for full content indexing at 47MB/second - at US$4.30 (AU$4.47) per gigabyte.

Kazeon says its architecture has enabled it to provide the capability to process more than a billion documents within individual customer deployments, as well as provide high performing, scaled out solutions for time-sensitive reactive eDiscovery projects.

“Kazeon’s customer base is growing quickly, and as more of our customers realise the scalability and cost advantages of our platform, their use of the Information Server product grows exponentially ,” said Sudhakar Muddu, CEO of Kazeon.

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