Looming eDiscovery Reform sees big guns team up

Looming eDiscovery Reform sees big guns team up

May 9, 2008: The move reflects a growing desire by the Federal Court to ensure technology is at the forefront of litigation readiness. In the draft of the Practice Note the court makes its recommendation clear: “Parties (should) use technology, policy and education to proactively preserve and manage electronic documents that may fall within a notice or order for discovery.”

David Thompson managing director at AXS-One says while CCH has been a customer for some time, this new deal will see the Compliance Platform become a reactive rather than a proactive tool. “If they’re not an existing customer then we can put this system in to help find them the right information,” he says.

CCH says the enhanced hostedservice is also inline with recent developments around the Victorian Government’s Document Destruction Act, while also available to meet the increasing desire and need for oganisations to be litigation ready.

Gary Kendrick managing director of CCH says unmanaged email and other electronic business records pose more of a corporate risk than ever. “We can help corporations alleviate the headache involved in quickly finding and preserving relevant data in the event of litigation,” he says.

“This is more about when a company gets into trouble and they’re not already running a sytem, they can createan archive.

With business process outsourcing and SaaS offering tipped by Gartner to take off in 2009, Thompson says the hosted CCH service will be well placed to meet AXS needs.

The AXS-One Compliance Platform will be integrated into CCH ‘Live Archive,’ a Software as a Service, litigation readiness offering. CCH says the enhancement will mean the ‘Live Archive’ can now allow in-house legal departments, lawyers and government entities to arhive and manage their electronic records in a single and searchable repository.

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