Increasing Tape Backup Visibility

Increasing Tape Backup Visibility

May 2, 2008: RenewData has developed a new method of processing backup tapes that better support discovery and risk management when it comes to electronically stored information (ESI).

The company specialises in electronically stored information risk management (ESIRM) services, and claims that this new “single-pass” backup tape processing technology allows files that have been segmented across more than one backup tape to be read as a whole. Normally each tape would have to be processed in the original sequence or read more than once to achieve this.

RenewData says the technology also enables the processing of orphan tapes that may have originally been part of a sequence of tapes that no longer exist.

The technology is expected to increase visibility into tape libraries, particularly helpful considering the exponentially growing archives of data most companies are responsible for, and the subsequently growing number of tapes that need to be processed when discovery orders roll in.

RenewData itself says it has witnessed a 300% increase in the number of backup tapes processed at its facility since 2004, and this observation is supported by the analysts at IDC.

“With the heightened need to identify information on backup tapes through the discovery process quickly, we see the need to process increasingly larger volumes of backup tapes to continue,” said Vivian Tero, Research Manager, Compliance Infrastructure, IDC.

“Renew Data’s ‘single-pass’ processing technology is intended to address a need among corporations to turn around massive volumes of tape data quickly and efficiently, thus enhancing their ability to meet the eDiscovery deadlines.”

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