Interwoven looking to integrate all services

Interwoven looking to integrate all services

Interwoven is making strides towards uniting all of its products into a single suite so that it can offer a more united service for tackling enterprise content management and compliance issues faced by organisations.

It has found through research that companies are drowning in a sea of content because of this new era of compliance and electronic content management. The META group has discovered that 35% of a workers day involves finding content.

Interwoven believes that companies are beginning to need a combination of its products to deal with these issues, instead of just one, so this is why they are bringing out new version of their products which are more compatible with each other than ever.

Andrew Antal, the alliance and marketing director for Interwoven, said: "One of the things that we are seeing is demand by all of our customers to look at the bigger picture. They are saying that they want to go end-to-end ECM over the next 12 months but I are not ready for it yet, but they want to work with a vendor that can give them the stepping stones to allow them to grow in scale.

"Our customers today are purchasing a particular solution to solve a particular problem. One company recently purchased MediaBin to manage all of their internal images. Now they are talking to us about content management so that they can present these images externally to the public. Companies are looking for a whole platform to address a problem or assist with the integration of a particular application, and from there they want to grow the solution out.

John Bara, the vice president for marketing at Interwoven, added: "I think that's a key point. TeamSite and web content management is where we grew from 0 to a US$100 million dollar company, but increasingly our customers developed a larger need for us to offer more capabilities in the whole ECM stack.

"So these included things like collaboration, document management, records management, media asset management, digital asset management. iManage brought US$40-50 million dollar revenues in document management. Today, half our business is document management.

"That's a rapid transformation from being a website content management vendor to being an electronic document management vendor. We have all the bases covered now.

Interwoven intends to start offering its key offerings, such TeamSite, WorkSite, MediaBin Asset Server and its Meta Tagger Content Intelligence Server in the same package, under its Service-Oriented Architecture, so that companies can deal with email management, document management, records management, web content management and digital asset management for business purposes crucial to many areas of the company.

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