Zantaz bolstered by litigation support

Zantaz bolstered by litigation support

Zantaz has agreed to buy Steelpoint Technologies, the provider of litigation support software, in a move that will toughen up its ability to offer compliance capabilities in addition to its storing and retrieving provisions.

Steelpoint serves more than 130 organisations worldwide, including law firms and large government institutions, which need to retrieve files essential to legal cases.

This purchase will make Zantaz a provider of digital archiving, compliance, electronic discovery and litigation support. The company expects organisations are expected to turn to its services to stave off the risk of losing data through the records management process.

Zantaz has made a significant impact in companies that need to quickly retrieve information from old back-up tapes through the use of IP methods. It has provided a reliable method for loading, scanning, indexing data from back-up tapes and storing it in an online database.

This new acquisition will allow the company to enhance its ability to call back critical data, which is specifically essential for legal cases or compliance requirements.

Over the last decade, Steelpoint has built a successful track record of supplying a robust support service to attorneys who need to find essential information quickly for legal cases. Its flagship product, Introspect 5, adds speed to this process too.

Although many IT companies don't experience big problems of compliance at the moment, both Zantaz and Steelpoint believe that their combined solution will enable them to solve problems that will definitely arise in the future.

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