Victoria provides digital records to public

Victoria provides digital records to public

The Public Records Office of Victoria has assigned Documentum to develop and implement a digital records archive for all Victorian government agencies so that the public will have access to vital legislative and policy documents via a portal.

The Documentum platform will be used with the EMC Centera content addressed storage solution to provide seamless archiving capabilities for all agencies, and retrieval operations for the public.

This system will automatically index, attach meta data and apply standards required by the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) to each document inserted into the system, saving agencies the trouble of having to apply the standards themselves.

Graham Pullen, managing director of Documentum in Australia and New Zealand said. "Our solution provides business intelligence to the storage process, by automatically wrapping the VERS standards around each record. These documents will include anything from land title details, to new details about a privacy law. The records are usually difficult to find, because traditionally they are bar coded, stored in boxes in a back of an office in a remote location.

"The public will now have the ability to retrieve these electronic records instantly with enormous ease. Not only do the public get the chance to know more about what is going on inside the government, but it also helps the government itself meet compliance and regulatory demands.

In addition to paper documents, photographs, audio and video will also be included in this single, unified solution.

Pullen also added that PROV is leading by example on how to find a solution that does not just work for one year, but takes care of document records for the next 100 years.

Fujitsu will provide the portal, which will eventually interface with this solution so that the public will have access to the documents via the Internet.

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