Canto introduce new DAM product suite

Canto introduce new DAM product suite

Digital Asset Management (DAM) system provider Canto has announced the availability of its Cumulus Office Suite, which is designed to help manage office documents and presentations created with Microsoft Office products.

Canto's CEO, Jennifer Neumann, says the launch of the Cumulus suite represents a natural progression in the company’s offerings.

"Two years ago we gave our customers the ability to manage their PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint SupportKit has been a bestseller ever since. Introducing Cumulus Office Suite is naturally the next step. More and more customers need to manage all types of Office documents as Asset Management is becoming a necessity inalmost every business field."

The product catalogues items by capturing all the text within a document, as well as information such as author, data and version. Once a document has been catalogue, it can be easily retrieved, thanks to Cumulus' powerful search capabilities.

By installing PowerPoint on the cataloguing machine, the system can catalogue single slides of an entire presentation and create thumbnails and previews, which means that users no longer have to waste time opening presentation after presentation to find a specific slide or sentence. It is also possible to create a whole new presentation out of catalogued slides within Cumulus.

More information on the product, which is now available on Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux platforms, can be found at

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