Keeping an eye on outsourcers

Keeping an eye on outsourcers

It's not an easy life being an IT manager these days, what with tough new laws being introduced in areas such as email management and archiving and the like.

With this in mind, Dimension Data has announced a new service designed to alleviate some of the pressure on IT managers by helping them identify whether Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being fulfilled.

Called Insite for Application Performance, the service is a real-time, integrated service that monitors the performance of applications and identifies specific user group issues. The service also has round-the-clock incident and escalation management capabilities, analyses trends in application performance and predicts future problems prior to occurrence on the strength of the data gathered. Such features help to reduce operational costs and maximise the return on existing IT investments and resources.

"The end user experience is the ultimate measure of whether or not we are meeting customer SLAs. It also provides a way for customers to police their outsourcing providers. Having the ability to measure the performance of your business applications and the impact on your end users is therefore paramount to maintaining a competitive edge," says Karen James, National Operational Services Director, Dimension Data.

 "Simply being informed and correcting faults affecting application performance is not enough. What is truly important is to identify and diagnose problems so they can be resolved before they impact your business. This service is ideal for customer focused businesses where service and time are critical."

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