On the telly

On the telly

Storage vendors are keen to become involved in the television industry, and not because they want to be stars in the next series of Survivor. Although the current technology market place does bear a resemblance to a game of survival, storage vendors want to get in to the television industry because television has masses of digital content and it needs systems to store it on.

As a result StorageTek has signed a deal with a subsidiary of EMC, Avalon. Avalon provides storage management software solutions to the broadcasting industry and the two are looking to offer software and StorageTek hardware for managing digital video and audio content.

A number of storage vendors are keen to play in this space and StorageTek said in a statement that this deal is a chance for them to widen their customer base.

Avalon will offer its workflow based storage and digital asset management application with StorageTek hardware.

"Customers need to more efficiently manage video assets, and ultimately increase profitability," said Philip Belcher the managing director of StorageTek's Australian branch office.

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