Government Net contract strengthens re-born Alphawest

Government Net contract strengthens re-born Alphawest

By Mark Chillingworth

A second government panel approval has bolstered newly independent Alphawest. The technology services company was formally part of the Solution 6 group, but split away in a management buyout in August, 2002.

Alphawest has been appointed to the New South Wales Government Panel Contract ITS2305, which is for the provision of Internet services and products. The four year contract will see Alphawest provide governments in New South Wales with a range of Internet services including Web site design, portals, professional services, indexing and search, electronic business applications and managed services.

"Alphawest is very pleased to be a partner for the Government's ITS2305 contract," said Mark Towers, the national manager for information systems at Alphawest.

Alphawest will supply 10 of the 12 services that ITS2305 covers, and will be competing with 49 other companies listed by the Panel.

"Following on from the management buyout it is a great foundation from which to grow on, and to compete in the largest market in Australia, New South Wales," Mr Towers said. Adding, "Internet services and products are a cornerstone of our overall information management strategy." Alphawest recently joined the records and information management panel ITS2323.

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