Seventh Samaria from Legato

Seventh Samaria from Legato

A new version of Legato's Networker application has been released; Networker 7 has a host of improvements that the company claims will simplify data protection and disaster recovery.

Amongst the changes that Legato has made the NetWorker application is an enhanced DiskBackup Option, which they claim provides the end user with a system that can perform multiple read and write to disk functions as a backup. An interface provides data protection to tape and the application will integrate with the new ATA disk arrays from EMC, StorageTek and Network Appliance.

Other improvements to NetWorker 7 include support for the new Windows Server 2003 environment, as well as Enterprise Linux and Apple's Mac OS X operating system. All of these environments are provided with a central protection heterogeneous system.

Tape drives can be shared by the application and Legato has added an improved restore for the directory level which will provide automated tape cloning and support IBM AIX and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Tru64 environments.

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