There hasn't been the rush to voice over IP that some technology giants said there would be, but there is a movement towards it. As a result vendors of customer relationship management applications are moving to modify and integrate their applications to work in the voice over IP (VOIP) environment. Witness Systems has just signed a deal with France's Alcatel to integrate its eQuality application into Alcatel's Omni PCX4400 VOIP system.

Integration of Witness Systems' eQuality to the Alcatel system will be completed by the end of the month the two companies said in a statement. As part of the deal Witness Systems becomes a member of Alcatel's Application Partner Program and Alcatel joins the Witness Systems' Global Alliance Program.

The eQuality application will enable call centres using VOIP to record calls with the recording kicked off by key telephone calls through a configured Omni PCX4400 switch.

As businesses move to VOIP they will to retain the knowledge gathering abilities of customer relationship management (CRM) systems that work on traditional telecommunications backbones.

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