Business Objects unveils data warehouse

Business Objects unveils data warehouse partner

Business Objects has uncovered its long-awaited Data Integrator 6.0, the latest version of its real-time and batch data integration tool designed to integrate data from disparate systems in real time so that it can be leveraged to affect company operations.

Business Objects first launched Data Integrator in August 2002, when it completed the acquisition of Acta Technology. The new Data Integrator 6.0 combines enterprise-class extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) with business intelligence capabilities. Business Object says this continues the company's history of providing integrated end-to-end BI technology, from data extraction, to query and reporting, to analytic applications.

For the first time, BI users are insulated from underlying changes in source data by their ETL tool, eliminating the need to re-create scores of reports after the data is reorganized, Business Objects claims. By pushing a button, data analysts can create and update Business Objects universes, the semantic layer that presents a graphical business representation of underlying structures.

The new version provides organisations with easier access to metadata management across the BI platform while boasting the latest in real-time data access, according to Business Objects.

In addition, its third-generation real-time architecture is designed to deliver up-to-the-second information to management dashboards and analytic applications. The new version is designed to detect changes at the transaction or source database level to then automatically send XML alert messages to the Business Objects Application Foundation, thus providing a complete data connection across the BI platform.

It also supports complex workflow processing that allows for complicated data structures while combining support for Web services standards such as XML, SOAP, and WSDL.

Data Integrator 6.0 is currently available on Microsoft Windows and IBM AIX platforms, with support for Sun Solaris and HP-UX expected in first quarter 2003.

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