Speeding is only safe when you back up

Speeding is only safe when you back up

By Mark Chillingworth

Whilst we are always being told to slow down on the roads and in life, when it comes to backing up your servers, the rules are reversed and the faster things are done the safer your business is. At today's launch of Backup Exec 9.0 from Veritas, the storage software corporation claims to have released the fastest back up and restore application for Microsoft Exchange servers on the market.

The Sydney launch kicked off a 24 hour launch period for Veritas Backup Exec 9.0, which replaces Backup Exec 8.6.

What differentiates this product from its fore-father is the speed; Veritas claims that version 9.0 is 88 per cent faster than the previous edition. The latest version will back up and restore individual public folders and attachments and supports all Microsoft server platforms including the soon to be released, and renamed, Windows Server 2003 (previously known as .NET). Veritas has also created new installation wizards, which they claim reduces the installation time to 10 minutes - the fastest on the market. A new Web based console has also been added to allow administrators to back up and recover remotely. The application also works with Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server and can thus be used to back up corporate documents as part of the document management policy.

"If five copies of a PowerPoint presentation have been sent around the company, backup Exec 9.0 will only back up a single instance of this," said Bob Mannes, the worldwide product marketing manager, adding that this and other features have led to the 88 per cent increase in speed.

Veritas claims that Microsoft Exchange email servers can be backed faster with Backup Exec 9.0 and it is the first application to offer integrated support to Windows Server 2003; is the fastest and simplest data protection application for Windows on the market and the first application to offer an "Anywhere Internet" remote access interface.

2003 looks set to be a year where vendors target and fight it out in the email management sector. Veritas waded in today with this application, describing email management as both a problem and a challenge fro 2003.

"Everybody is so wedded to email that you can't leave the office without your laptop. Managing email is important due to regulatory requirements following WorldCom and Enron," said Brenda Zawatski, the vice president of product and solutions marketing at Veritas.

Veritas will be targeting this application at the small and medium sized businesses in Australia and the world. This sector is expected to quadruple its storage spending over the next four years.

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