Terms of disposal

Terms of disposal

Disposal schedules within an organisation can now be maintained off-line by using a new module developed by Australian company This to That.

The new Disposal Schedule module is an add-on, which allows a disposal schedule to be attached to the thesaurus of a business classification scheme. Schedules can be attached to level 2 of a Keyword AAA classification structures by importing or by direct entry.

"I believe we are the first people that can offer this as an off-line process. Until now, people have had to manage a thesaurus and disposal systems separately. What we've allowed is an offline environment to maintain them in parallel," said Alan Chate of This to That.

The New South Wales Records GDA and AFDA type structures are supported. The disposal schedule data can be imported and exported between the This to That Term Tree application and TRIM from Tower Software and Objective records management applications. Mr Chate said his company hoped to have the disposal schedule module working on HummingbirdRM and RecFind next year, but these applications will need to be developed further to work with the Term Tree application.

Thesaurus modules can be imported and exported between TRIM, Recfind, HummingbirdRM and Objective applications with no problems at all, This to That claim.

Like all This to That applications, the new Term Tree module is available as a download over the Internetat their site termtree.com.au. Mr Chate said the company has had some success in the USA and UK and that the majority of their sales come from overseas.

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