NetScreen increases security and reliability

NetScreen increases security and reliability

NetScreen Technologies has announced four new hardware and software products that increase security and reliability, while decreasing the deployment and management hassles associated with large-scale virtual private networks (VPNs).

NetScreen 5XT is a platform for enterprise remote sites and telecommuters. It includes dynamic routing and dial back-up features to ensure that remote locations never lose connectivity or sacrifice security. It offers 70-megabit-per-second firewall and 20-Mbps VPN performance and comes with a built in four-port switch.

ScreenOS 4.0 brings high-end capabilities to NetScreen's appliances and systems. It includes a new routing protocol, OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), to improve availability, simplify VPN configuration and tighten security.

NetScreen remote security client extends the enterprise security perimeter to the remote worker. It combines VPN client software with PC client-based personal firewall capabilities to enable VPN connectivity while preventing attacks through a VPN backdoor.

NetScreen Global PRO v3.1 automates the management of dynamically addressed devices and remote access users. By accounting for these "nomadic" devices and addresses, it makes remote workers less risky to corporate networks. A new report server can automatically generate more than 200 Web-based standard reports.

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