Concord chalks up global blackboard

Concord chalks up global blackboard

By Mark Chillingworth

Concord, the education content management application vendors based in Australia and the USA has signed a global reseller deal with Blackboard. Colin Bell, CEO of the Australian arm says the deal will have a strong impact in Australia.

Blackboard will now be a global reseller for Concord's applications and will link Concord's applications more closely with the Blackboard e-Education system.

A key factor in the agreement was Concord's Masterfile course asset management (CAM) application, which will now be connected to the Blackboard system. CAM includes a digital library, student portfolios, course cloning tools, version control, meta-data, user tracking and course reports.

"We will be looking after Masterfile in Australia and co-operating with them here," Mr Bell said. Blackbird operates in Australia from Melbourne and will work with Brisbane based Concord. "There are enormous opportunities in this part of the world," Mr Bell said of the work they do in Australia, New Zealand, and the south east of Asia.

Although an important deal for the local market, Mr Bell is confident that it is the global influence that will mark this deal.

"It will have a big impact in North America and Europe, but the really important issue is that Masterfile and Blackboard are not just English speaking products."

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