Panagon heads Web push

Panagon heads Web push

As the first strike in its attack on the growing e-content and e-process applications market, FileNET is emphasising the ability of its Panagon Web services product to manage large-scale Web sites as the cornerstone of its strategy.

Looking to assist companies that wish to harness the power of the Internet to help run their business, FileNET will be positioning Panagon as a way to establish and offer sophisticated search capabilities through portal technology, and build transaction-based software required for robust e-business applications.

"We don't just do document management any more."

"We've always had Web content, it's just that we've not really focused on that, not really pushed that. It is only in recent times that companies have started to focus on the Web," said John Waterhouse, marketing manager for FileNET Australia.

"It's what we've been doing all along, we're just recategorising it. We're not just the image people, we don't just do document management any more. We're really an across-the-range company."

FileNET is set to announce other business changes that will provide dedicated focus to the business-to-business portal market. It is initially targetting companies looking to manage their existing corporate information, as well as new XML and HTML content, while needing to put that information to work in e-commerce and other Web applications.

Panagon Web Services' eContent Management features will be aimed at dynamically organising and controlling the delivery of diverse types of information through the Web.

"FileNET's Web Services development platform helps our customers transact business over the Internet by delivering dynamic e-content and e-process applications," said Bruce Waddington, executive vice-president and CTO of FileNET.

"Our plan calls for further extension of our current Web capabilities by adding additional advanced search technology, integration with business intelligence, enhanced aggregation capabilities and further Web publishing enhancements to provide an even more robust platform for extensive Web based solutions development."