Australia's Application Service Providers

Australia's Application Service Providers

Company: QSP

Location of Data Centre: Fern Hill Technology Park, Bruce, ACTApplications Hosted: the QSPF Suite of Financial System ProductsNumber of Existing Seats: Three existing clients with 80 to 100 seats.Client Size: Small and large.Preferred Connection Types: Modem dial-in/leased line/internet - all of these including WUI3 for the Internet.Storage Capacity of Data Centre: As required - can expand to suit load.Bandwidth into Data Centre: Currently 3Mbps plus eight dial-up links - expanding to 130Mbps (ATM) in Q1 2000.Contact name: Don Geyer (operations), Veronica Webster (sales)Telephone Number: (02) 6252 8770E-mail:


(Joint venture between BDO Synergy IT and Intercept)Location of Data Centre: Redfern NSWApplications Hosted: Over 1700 at present and growingNumber of Existing Seats: 50 (December 1999)Client Size: small and medium business, education, consumerPreferred Connection Types: ISDN, FR, Internet, FibreStorage Capacity of Data Centre: unlimitedBandwidth into Data Centre: 2Mbps but no limitationsContact Names: Craig Hawkins, CEOTelephone Number: (02) 9243 3333E-mail:,

Company: Solution 6

(ASP service known as 'Solution 6 Centrum')Location of Data Centre: Solution 6 Centrum is currently using a Data Centre operated by IBM GSA and located in Sydney. However, as the service expands, Data Centres will be established in other geographical centres.Applications Hosted: Solution 6 Centrum does not 'host' applications. It claims to provide integrated, end-to-end business process solutions. The tools that are used to accomplish this are SAP's powerful R/3 suite and Lotus Domino applications.Number of Existing Seats: Solution 6 Centrum supports more than 200 seats (5 January 2000).Client size: Current clients are small/medium businesses. The market targeted by Solution 6 Centrum are those organisation with annual turnovers of between $10M and $250M or with between 10 and 500 employees.Preferred Connection Types: Solution 6 Centrum utilises Telstra's Big Pond Intranet with frame relay connectivity. Remote users are also supported with modem dial-up connections. Future connectivity options include ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line). Storage Capacity of Data Centre: It is approximately 1 terabyte with growth capacity to 4.2 terabytes.Bandwidth into Data Centre: Currently 2Mbps via Telstra Big Pond Intranet frame relay. Upgrade to ATM connectivity planned during 2000.Contact name: John Dunkerley, Account ManagerTelephone number: (02) 9278 0666E-mail: john,

Company: Managed IT

(a jointly owned company between Com Tech communications and Professional Advantage)Location of Data Centre: Currently Sydney with a second data centre in Melbourne due to come online in mid 2000.Applications Hosted: Great Plains eEnterprise, SunSystems from Systems Union and Epicore ERA from Platinum financial management systems, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, eAdvantage business management suite, web sites and e-commerce, email, calendering and Web browsing and client specific line of business applications.Number of Existing Seats: Late January 2000 will see the second client go live with a total of 40 seats.Client size: The target market for Managed IT is the small to medium enterprise, most likely between 10 and 100 system users. This size of organisation has the most to gain from the ASP solution by isolating themselves from the demands of server hardware purchase, operations and upgrades and avoiding the need for IT staff. The focus for the small to medium organisation must always be on revenue and loyalty building resources, IT should just be a commodity like a mobile phone.Preferred Connection Types: Leased lines for each client. Casual access via the Internet is available for users working from home or on the road. A direct dial-in modem bank is also available.Storage capacity of Data Centre: The storage capacity of the data centre is a metric of the capacity required by the client base. There is no theoretical limit to the storage available for a client; however we operate with an approximate tolerance of 30 per cent greater than current utilisation.Bandwidth into Data Centre: As stated, the bandwidth into the data centre is implemented via leased lines on a client by client basis. We do not see the Internet as a viable vehicle for delivery of mission critical applications at this time due to the vagaries of performance, reliability and security. Managed IT operates a private network between its clients and the data centre as part of the ASP services.Contact name: Neil RichardsonTelephone number: (02) 9919 8955Email:

Company: Multinet Systems

Location of Data Centre: Artarmon, SydneyApplications Hosted: Valex, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, DataVAC, Seagate Info, PafLinkNumber of Existing Seats: not givenClient size: LargePreferred Connection Types: ISDN Line or internetStorage capacity of Data Centre: 1.6TBBandwidth into Data Centre: Connections provided via dedicated client lineContact name/s: Regan Yan, Julian LeeTelephone number: (02) 9433 5299Email:,

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