PeCC project targets Y2K

PeCC project targets Y2K

The PeCC project, otherwise known as the Project Electronic Commerce and Communication for Healthcare, is helping the Australian healthcare industry to take action over Y2K.

Many Australian healthcare industry leaders are aware of the dangers inherent in overstocking products due to perceptions of shortages with Y2K in January 2000.

However, according to Pat Gallagher from the PeCC team, these groups need to take professional action to minimise product shortages and their exposure to binge buying.

The PeCC project, established back in 1997, aims to deliver high quality medical services through the introduction of e-commerce and communication.

Some NSW healthcare centres intend to 'buy up' and others are working on planning for sensible levels of inventory. NSW area health service managers say that their plan is to concentrate on products that are mission critical for mainstream clinical and morbidity episodes, with a consideration of price and expiry date.

John Popper, MD with the Victorian Healthcare Association, said "Industry leaders from all sides of the supply chain should work together with their own, and the government's Y2K executives and committees to publish calm and reasonable statements and advice on purchasing in the lead up to Year 2000."

Parameters established by PeCC include twelve questions, ranging from 'is the supplier local', an 'importer' or 'has confirmed Y2K compliance'. If not, is there any alternative source of supply.

Some purchasers plan to enter into Forward Purchase Agreements with key supply companies ratifying the broad principles above.

Mr Gallagher said both the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care (DHAC) and individual State and Territory Health Departments have Y2K programs in place and the industry should look to them for guidance and advice.

PeCC is a government and industry drive initiative to introduce a more efficient pharmaceutical system through the introduction of electronic commerce and communication.

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