Sharing the knowledge

Sharing the knowledge

Knowledge management has resulted in improved communication for Education Victoria.

By Hannah Birtles

To overcome a case of thousands of isolated islands of learning, Education Victoria has implemented a knowledge management system which ensures all staff have access to information that is relevant to them.

The Department needed to improve communications and re-engineer its business processes. It realised the importance of an effective communications and document management system in doing so.

Prior to the new solution, all communication across the Department's 1,900 sites - including schools, TAFE colleges and administration campuses - took place via fax or the post.

By taking advantage of the Victorian Government's decision to bring all Departmental sites online with VicOne, a wide area network, Education Victoria was able to establish a Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructure including email and an electronic library based on public foldering.

It is through the use of public foldering that teachers and staff will be brought together in a collaborative environment where information will be freely obtained, and the interchange of ideas encouraged.

Over 45,000 staff members now have access to a universal email system, online information and improved communications.


Each site has now been brought online via VicOne, with each staff member allocated a mailbox and provided with access to EduLibrary, an online document library.

EduLibrary is a vast repository of Department-specific and education-in-general documents and knowledge.

"The system is being put in place to support teachers and staff in concentrating on their own core competency of delivering education to Victorian students," according to Education Victoria's information technology general manager, Paul Doherty.

"Teachers, like everyone, need access to information that is related to their job and profession," he said.

"We consider it vitally important to support Victorian education by enhancing learning outcomes and improving business operations through the use of technology."

Mr Doherty said underpinning this is the need to establish a technology infrastructure that supports collaboration between schools, teachers and departmental staff through a common groupware solution.

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