Windows packages for litigation support

Windows packages for litigation support

Computerised litigation support is now within the reach of most law firms through the use of Windows software such as Inmagic DB/TextWorks. Available for single users, networks or intranets, the database package allows users to customise litigation and document management by recording information about events, witnesses, issues, testimony and exhibits as is required in each case.

Links can be made to full text depositions, quotations or newspaper articles, or text extracts added to the database itself and images of crucial documents or exhibits can be included and viewed or printed as required.

Used at more than 35,000 sites worldwide, DB/

TextWorks installations exceed 2,000 in Australia. Applications include records and document management, library and information services, directories, museums, galleries and local history collections.

According to the Australian distributor, Triad Data Magic, a growing number of law firms, many of whom already use the software for library management, unreported judgements and in-house collections of precedents and opinions, are using the package to build knowledge-bases for case management and litigation support.

Vivian Waller, Senior Associate at law firm Maurice Blackburn, Melbourne, uses DB/TextWorks to keep track of details in the State Ward litigation. The databases contain information about witnesses, events and testimony, but are also used to track crucial correspondence and ensure that all appropriate documentation has been gathered from participants.

Other uses for DB/TextWorks in Australia include the management of different documents held by law firms in deed packets and access to scanned images of documents collected in evidence.

Over 100 CDs of images were produced for the breast implant litigation and made available to participating law firms, using Inmagic software as the search and retrieval engine.

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