Imaging for Windows

Imaging for Windows

Eastman Software has released its Imaging for Windows Professional Edition version 2.0, which allows users to transform paper documents and faxes into electronic documents that can be viewed, edited and distributed via Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, intranets and the Internet.

The product features integrated image viewing support for Microsoft Exchange and provides client-side imaging in conjunction with Eastman's work management products, including workflow, document management, document imaging and COLD.

Imaging Professional allows users to scan and view paper documents and faxes. Once stored electronically, users can retrieve and view colour, black and white, and greyscale image documents, and in either thumbnail, full-page or combined views format. It also runs within a browser to let the user view, zoom, rotate, annotate and even convert Internet-based images to text.

Users can also enhance images and faxes and documents by aligning, de-speckling, cropping and improving the appearance of image documents. Imaging Professional uses optical character recognition to accurately convert scanned or faxed documents into fully-formatted word processing or HTML documents.

To help locate documents, users can identify their TIFF image documents with searchable properties such as keywords and author. With Imaging Professional, electronic documents can be shared via e-mail, fax or the Internet. Users can add comments or mark-ups to documents before distributing them. Annotation tools include a highlighter, lines, rectangles, sticky notes, and typed text.