Exchange-only document management

Exchange-only document management

Document Management Extensions (DME) for Microsoft Exchange is a new third-party application which is designed to be integrated with the Windows environment.

This Australian-developed product from Melbourne-based 80/20 Software is aimed at organisations that do not have legacy systems but run in Microsoft-only environments.

Packaged as part of the Microsoft Small Business Server, the product is an extension of Exchange and uses many attributes of that product. This has enabled the development costs to be greatly reduced and make the product much more affordable for small businesses.

Access to the document store is available from interfaces on the desktop rather than having a single application centric entry point.

It offers document management for all electronically created files from creation to deletion.

The developers looked at the features list of high-end document management products when developing DME to ensure that it offered similar capabilities.

"Document management is a bit like email; you don't get the full benefit unless everyone has access to it," said Frank Stranges, CEO of 80-20 Software.

The company's DME release was designed with the assistance from Microsoft's Application Development Customer Unit and is now being shipped worldwide. The price in Australia per single licence is $149. Contact 80-20 Software; phone 03 9826 6522.

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