App cross-references research for knowledge 'activation'

App cross-references research for knowledge 'activation'

Docuwork has announced that Sydney-based Client/Server Computing will exclusively represent its MeltingPoint knowledge activation range in Australia and New Zealand.

Cross referencing, knowledge visualisation and relational data mining are featured in the MeltingPoint system.

An item of knowledge automatically appears in as many branches as needed when managed by MeltingPoint.

The product is based on the idea that professionals' information has interlinks that cross the boundaries of pre-defined paper forms and frequently cross software application boundaries.

MeltingPoint is for firms that want to take advantage of their concentration of expertise, but prevent associates and librarians working on a document or case unaware of relevant research already done by colleagues.

MeltingPoint cross-references the research users find, or comments they add, to relevant matters, issues, witness records, scheduled events, down to a particular clause in work product.

Whenever a user deals with an issue, prepares for a witness or picks up work product, MeltingPoint automatically brings up linked knowledge in the form of an outline.

Users can analyse and conduct their briefs any way they want. They can start at an issue, see research on that issue, focus on one of the researched authorities, then click through to see another issue or maybe a witness whose cross-examination a colleague thinks is affected by that authority.

With MeltingPoint, a partner can comment on any piece of knowledge and an associate can add a response or qualification.

MeltingPoint integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange as well as Open Docs out of the box. An application designer allows for other applications such as Lotus Notes to be integrated.

Contact Client/Server Computing; phone 02 9868 2000.

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