New range of high speed production scanners

New range of high speed production scanners

Bell & Howell has introduced the Copiscan 8000 Series of high speed production scanners.

The Copiscan 8080s, 8080D, 8125S and 8125D models are designed to withstand heavy workloads and harsh production environments.

Reliability is said to be enhanced by using self-calibrating camera electronics to minimise operator adjustments. A complete self diagnostic exam is conducted every time the scanner starts up, minimising down time.

Each model comes with Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE), which is said to eliminate miscellaneous noise, reproduce pictures almost identical to the originals and fill in missing character parts.

A variety of different paper types can be scanned including onion skin, thermal fax, NCR paper, recycled and glossy stock. It scans a range of document sizes, as small as 66mm and as large as 300 by 430mm.

The 8080 and 8125 scanners operate at a rate of 80 pages per minute (ppm) and 125ppm in landscape and 160 to 250 images per minute in duplex mode. To allow easier scanning of delicate documents, the 8000 Series can be adjusted to a half speed manual feed mode.

The Copiscan 8000 scanners come with a two-year warranty.

Bell & Howell scanners are distributed in Australia by ACA Pacific; phone 02 9922 5333.

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