Solution for upgrading of 1394 connectivity

Solution for upgrading of 1394 connectivity

Adaptec has announced a solution for upgrading computers with 1394 connectivity, the Adaptec HotConnect 8920 kit and the Adaptec HotConnect 8495 kit.

Adaptec's HotConnect 8920 kit offers a 1394 connection for transferring digital data and still images between computers and 1394 devices.

The Adaptec HotConnect Ultra 8945 kit combines Ultra Wide SCSI with 1394 on a single PCI card and adds software to enable full motion digital video transfer over 1394.

Consumers can use the kits to move digital images from any 1394 enabled digital video camcorder onto their computer, edit the image or video and then send the image back out over the host adaptor, maintaining a completely digital connection. 1394 I/O preserves the quality of DV video by eliminating the process of converting the image or video to analog.

With more diverse 1394 devices on the horizon, such as DVD scanners, printers, hard drives and Device Bay, the HotConnect 1394 kits offer a way to connect systems with 1394 technology.

HotConnect 8920 costs $549 and HotConnect Ultra 8945 costs $1299.

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