Solution for document printing and distribution productivity

Solution for document printing and distribution productivity

Dataproducts claims to have introduced a new concept for printing and distributing documents with its Digital Document Server.

The DDS 24 printer is said to increase workflow productivity and improve office document print quality by combining the features of a printer, copier and fax into a single connected digital product.

With Dataproducts' DDS 24 Digital Document Server, high quality 600 dpi, collated and stapled multiple document sets can be printed the same as printing a single set.

Designed to fully integrate with most major network operating systems, the DDS 24 allows users to produce documents, print original copies and distribute remotely by network or fax all from desktop workstations.

Dataproducts Corporation and Danka Australia have formed an alliance to market the DDS range of digital Document Automation Equipment. The DDS 24 is available through Danka Australia and costs $13,995. Danka Australia; phone; 02 9978 6000.

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