Workshops to address Australian standard on records management & doc management

Workshops to address Australian standard on records management & doc management

A series of workshops to be held around Australia from February to May, will discuss the importance of record management and will provide a practical approach to understanding and implementing the AS4390 Records Management Standard.

Issued by Standards Australia in February 1996, the standard is a voluntary code of practice for organisations establishing or improving upon their recordkeeping systems and processes.

The two workshops 'How to apply AS4390 Records Management Standard' and 'Project Management and Implementation Techniques for Best Practice Recordkeeping using AS4390', will focus on the six parts of the standard and its key concepts.

On completion, participants should have a thorough knowledge of the standard and how to develop procedures that will dramatically improve the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of their own record keeping systems.

Information and Document Management

Another two day workshop to be held from February to May around Australia, will look at the management of information and documents.

This workshop will examine the practical aspects of determining what type of information management technology is needed and what are the acquisition and strategy issues involved.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to develop a business case for acquiring and implementing document management technologies as well as the ability to define strategies and steps for the acquisition of document and records business systems.

Also covered is the cost justification for investments in technology and services and convergence issues.

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