Low-cost imaging solution for CD-ROM

Low-cost imaging solution for CD-ROM

Conversion specialist The Imaging Centre has introduced a conversion solution starter system for low-end users. Paying nothing for hardware or software, participants select an application for CD-ROM to evaluate suitability to their needs.

To assist clients benefit from the technology without having to commit to a specific system, the centre incorporates free viewing software on every CD. The CD-Resident software features image selection from a database, rotation, zoom and print functions.

The service provided by The Imaging Centre (02 9319 1622) includes scans of all documents, indexing of each page or file, writing the images and the viewing software onto CD. The CD can then be loaded into your PC's CD drive for immediate access.

Data committed to the CD can then be retrieved by searching via keywords, and subsequent documents can be viewed by stepping through the file or displaying up to 16 pages at once on the screen.

Regardless of whether a company subsequently embarks on a vendor-dependent system or prefers to grow their own enterprise-wide solution, the documents images via this system will be completely compatible.

Scanning costs vary depending on the application, yet most A4 type applications cost between $0.12 and $0.25 all up per page on the CD, with each CD holding between 10 and 16,000 pages.

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