Fuji Xerox releases Pagis Pro 97

Fuji Xerox releases Pagis Pro 97

Fuji Xerox's XSoft division has announced Pagis Pro 97, a full-featured scanning application that is completely integrated into the Windows 95/NT desktop, making it simple to scan, copy, fax, print and drag-and-drop scanned documents to popular desktop applications.

With Pagis Pro 97, scanning colour documents is a one-touch operation that is said to simplify getting quality results and putting those results to work.

Pagis Pro 97 is also one of the few scanning software programs to take advantage of the Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 desktop by integrating scanned documents into the Explorer file system.

Pagis Pro 97 provides scanning, automatic image enhancement and very small, high-quality colour files using PerfectScan imaging technology. PerfectScan allows users to scan colour documents, preserve document formatting and share them via fax, email and the World Wide Web.

The application also enhances the tools necessary to locate any document on their system by providing MatchBars, developed at the Xerox Palo Alto research center.

MatchBars provide a visual cue to the relevancy of the found documents, making Pagis Pro 97 useful for organising and locating scanned and electronic documents.

In the US, Xerox Corporation donated the Pagis Pro 97 software to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) allowing the quick and easy access to information and photographs of missing children.

The software will enable the centre and its branches throughout the US to scan text and colour images and convert that data automatically into HTML format for posting of information on the World Wide Web.

Filed images and information can also be searched and sorted into descriptive criteria such as name, sex, location, hair colour and age, permitting users to match characteristics to individual missing children.

According to president of the NCMEC, Ernie Allen, ten years ago, it took days for news of a child's abduction in California to reach the East coast of America. However today the organisation relies on technology like Pagis Pro 97 to speed up this process so that within minutes the world is alerted and the search can begin. Mr Allen believes Xerox is playing a pivotal role in the way America searches for its missing children.

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