CD-ROM 'bureau in a box' imaging system bundle

CD-ROM 'bureau in a box' imaging system bundle

SCSI Corp, in partnership with Canon, Yamaha and IMR, has announced the Scan2CD Gold Duplex scanning bundle.

The new high-speed "bureau-in-a-box" CD-ROM imaging solution is an alternative to outsourcing documents for archiving onto CD-ROM, according to SCSI Corp.

Controlled from a desktop PC, the Scan2CD Gold Duplex (two sides at once) scanning bundle includes the hardware and software to archive any electronic or paper documents to CD-ROM.

In partnership with Canon, Yamaha and IMR, SCSI Corp has announced the ScanGold2CD Gold Duplex scanning bundle.

The bundle includes IMR's Scan2CD Gold archiving and retrieval software, Canon's DR-3020 duplex scanner, and Yamaha's 4x CD-Recorder.

The bundle allows businesses of all sizes to store critical information in CD-ROM format. This is particularly useful in fields such as law, engineering and other industries that accumulate large amounts of business-critical information.

"For security conscious businesses this solution provides total control of company information, as all archiving can be carried out in-house in a fast and economical manner," said SCSI's general manager, Robert Ek.

The bundle also includes IMR's Alchemy archival database search engine. Alchemy is part of the Scan2CD Gold software and allows the fast retrieval of documents from the CD-ROM, which were scanned using optical character recognition (OCR) or dragged and dropped from File Manager or Explorer.

Scan2CD Gold allows data to be organised via a drag-and-drop interface, which then indexes and compresses the data before writing it to the CD-ROM using the Yamaha 4x speed read/write recorder.

Scan2CD also supports CD-SPAN to store multi-gigabyte databases across multiple CDs and provides multi-user search capabilities for CD-jukebox and CD-tower systems across the network. Alchemy Search is automatically mastered onto every CD and keeps track of all files and CD volumes comprising the database.

Scan2CD Gold works with the Canon scanner to process A4 or B4 documents at up to 40 pages per minute in single-sided mode or 44 images per minute in double-sided mode. With the addition of DataGrabber (sold separately), Scan2CD can store and index all COLD, Greenbar, ASCII and Microfiche-based data directly into Alchemy profile fields.

The bundle requires a Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95 or NT, 8MB of RAM and 8MB of free hard disk space for CD buffer, plus 60MB free per CD index. The Scan2CD Gold Duplex Scanning Bundle is available now from $15,383 (inc tax).

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