Council leverages off Wang/Microsoft alliance

Council leverages off Wang/Microsoft alliance

Some organisations are opting to use Wang products because of its alliance with Microsoft.

The Hobart City Council considered several vendors and their products before deciding on Wang imaging workflow software, which integrates with Microsoft Exchange, already installed at the council.

Geoff Murray, manager of information services at Hobart City Council, said Microsoft Exchange is integral to a range of work the council is doing.

"Exchange is no longer just a mail distribution package, it is a true document management package with a distribution and workflow system.

"Anything we purchased had to be integrated with our core products, therefore, the alliance between Wang and Microsoft was important to us."

The council is in the process of implementing Wang's software and at the same time digitising operational plans, such as drainage and house plans, to improve access, workflow and backup. With around 153 years of historic records, the council required a reliable backup facility. Mr Murray was aware of the loss of information that other councils have suffered as a result of fire and other accidents.

"It is the liability that may be accrued as a consequence of losing important information that is a concern," he said.

"Technology has come down so much in price that imaging became a viable way of solving backup and workflow problems."

The in-house conversion of records is underway and with data digitised and on CD, a range of operational benefits have become available to the council.

Digitised operational plans can be accessed by the outside workforce whenever required, saving time and money and improving customer service.

For the council to operate efficiently one of the most important factors is the development application system.

When plans or requests are submitted for development approval, they need to be easily and quickly distributed throughout the organisation.

The process of approval or rejection needs to be completed within 42 days, otherwise the submission is deemed approved.

"Correspondence is another important aspect of operational information. What we want to do is use the imaging system in conjunction with workflow to have correspondence come in at an established point and distributed throughout the organisation.

"By having online access to information, authorised users can access material without having to go through the records department," Mr Murray said.

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