AIIM International Affiliation

AIIM International Affiliation

At the AIIM National Document Management Summit, the President of AIIM International, Mr John Mancini and AIIM Australia executive officers, Len Churchward (Federal President) and Debbie Van Pelt (Federal Vice President) co-signed a "Statement of Intent between AIIM International and AIIM Australasia".

The signed statement reads:

"It is the shared goal of AIIM International and AIIM Australasia to bring together the users of document technologies with the providers of that technology.

"Our joint focus is on helping corporate and governmental users understand document technologies and how they can be applied to improve critical business processes.

"AIIM International recognises the extreme importance of Australasia as a leader in the development and adoption of document technologies.

"Therefore, it be resolved that: AIIM International and AIIM Members in Australasia hereby signify our intention to enter into an affiliate relationship in Australasia;

"And together, we will build a joint membership structure that allows users and suppliers in Australasia to seek the benefits of representation through a strong and independent local document management association that is linked with similar organisations and with individual users and suppliers around the Pacific Region and around the world;

"And together, we will develop an affiliate agreement for submission to our respective boards."

Since the signing of the Statement of Intent, the legal aspects of the affiliation agreement between both AIIM International and AIIM Australasia have been progressed rapidly. Phil Evins, Senior Vice President with AIIM International, met with members of the AIIM Federal Executive in Sydney on 28th and 29th January, the outcome of which was the final draft of an affiliation agreement to be reviewed by the legal representatives of both Associations.

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