Conference on EDM

Conference on EDM

A new generation of document management systems has hit the market, delivering a range of possibilities for organising, controlling and exploiting the documents that organisations rely on. The fourth annual conference on electronic document management, scheduled for March 18 and 19 at the Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, will be addressing these key issues.

Conference organisers, AIC, note that the drivers for this technology are located throughout the organisation.

"Electronic document management is needed in finance to increase processing time; for the secure and efficient storage of documentation in government departments; and to facilitate workflow of claims in insurance organisations," said conference manager, Joanne Procter.

The conference program addresses these management needs, covering the new applications with EDM systems, plus analysis of the technology and how it relates to the organisation.

Seminars will explain how EDM can reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, while also discussing security, networking and information management needs for the future. For info call AIC on (02) 9210 5700.