How a high profile e-tailer manages the supply chain outside the online world.

1. A customer places an order at the dstore site and enters their payment details.

2. Dstore processes the payment in real time and confirms the purchase has been finalised.

3. The site generates the order as an EDI message and sends this to the company's warehouse printer. This slip includes the product name, type, brand, barcode number, quantity, location in the warehouse and packaging and customer address details.

4. A picker collects the ordered items into a tray, and passes this on with the order slip for packing.

5. Items are scanned by a barcode scanner before being packed. The scanned information updates inventory levels on the database for stock ordering and to keep customers informed of item availability.

6. Address details are keyed into the consignment computer, which then prints out onto a label and a consignment note. With some couriers, however, the note must be filled out by hand. The parcel is then given to the appropriate courier for delivery.

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