Host of new Web options

Host of new Web options

Hummingbird Communications has updated its host access software product, HostExplorer Web, to integrate with its Enterprise Information Portal offering.

Version 2.1 of HostExplorer Web provides access to applications residing on IBM mainframe, AS/400, Unix and Linux servers to users of Hummingbird's recently released EIP application.

A feature called G2G allows applications with "greenscreen" text-based interfaces on IBM mainframes to be converted automatically to graphic user interfaces.

Also, support for Hummingbird's Common Authentication Protocol (CAP) Server means that EIP users can perform a secure single sign-on for multiple applications and networks using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption standard.

Hummingbird's core business has been host access, but the EIP is a product of its more recent union with fellow Canadian vendor PC DOCS. The updated software rounds out the infrastructure which supports the EIP, which was previewed last issue (see January/February 2000, page 36).

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