e-docs, NZ-style

e-docs, NZ-style

New Zealand starts the millennium with a fresh approach to electronic document management.

By Alicia Camphuisen

Electronic commerce is set to impact heavily on the New Zealand market as it is around the world, changing the way business operates beyond the installation of new enabling technology itself.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) is intricately linked to e-commerce and Internet-enabled document delivery, as these records must be managed so that organisations can grow with the technological shift.

More than being a technology, EDM systems are part of an holistic approach to organisational adjustment to new forms of document delivery, that include operating within a changing legal framework and strategically managing people and information.

The EDM New Zealand 2000 conference will explore these issues specifically within an NZ context. Although many of the strategies behind EDM cross continents, legal and government frameworks have developed to cater for the NZ experience, and organisations will have the opportunity to see how the country is approaching implementations.

The particular focus of the event is on EDM and the so-called 'e-conomy' driven by e-commerce and the Internet, as it is these that will continue to shape the use of documents.

www.consult principal Ramin Marzbani will present the opening address on the importance of e-commerce to business and establish the online focus of the presentations.

NZ vendor and government speakers will look at issues such as a legal framework for EDM, government initiatives and policies on electronic information management and recordkeeping.

Speakers from Australia and the US will look at the broader subjects of EDM standards, document management using Internet technologies and e-commerce in the longer term.

These presentations will be complemented by practical case studies that show EDM at work in NZ sites including the National Archives, the Treasury Department and the Airways Corporation.

Each of these case studies will approach the EDM thread with emphasis on knowledge management, the streams of e-business, hosting documents over the Web and recordkeeping.


The third conference day will feature an optional workshop on the long term impact of e-commerce and records on organisations.

Charles Dollar from US firm Dollar Consulting will explore legal requirements of EDM, IT tools to support its rollout and making EDM strategies work in an organisation.

The workshop will look at these issues from an international perspective, with the aim of giving attendees a more complete knowledge of EDM. This is particularly important as the Internet has shown more than anything that organisations now have the potential to transact globally.

The workshop will utilise the skills attendees gather during the day by looking at practical examples of how EDM can be successfully implemented.

EDM NZ 2000 is part of New Zealand's inaugural Technology Expo, which comprises three other technologies primed to change the way business operates.

The Cards New Zealand event will showcase card applications, terminals, back end systems, printers and other solutions utilising the technology. EComWorld.nz will explore e-business, while iSEC will look at new security solutions, applications and technologies to protect organisational data.

The conference will be held at Wellington's Queens Wharf Event Centre in NZ from March 28-30. For information on the event contact AIC Worldwide on 02 9210 5700 or visit www.aicworldwide.com.