IBM seeks a return on ERP

IBM seeks a return on ERP

IBM Global Services Australia is expanding its service offerings to help companies maximise return on investment (ROI) from packaged enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

The new offerings encompass a wide range of services: integration services, change management, training, supply chain optimisation, customer relationship management, e-commerce, business intelligence, Web-enabling employee self-service capabilities, Application Management Services and outsourcing.

The focus on customer needs that is delivered when a company installs an ERP system is often followed by a perceived need to add and support more users and software modules, improve handling of enterprise data by deploying business intelligence systems, and to begin Internet collaborations with customers and suppliers as part of what IBM Global Services Australia terms "the e-business transformation process".


"Going live with enterprise solutions is just the beginning in terms of realising their competitive advantage and potential business value," said Seelan Nayagam, executive, ERP and SCM Integration Services, IBM Global Services Australia.

"IBM Global Services Australia is about business partnership, not just IT. Our proven methodologies and intellectual assets make us the logical choice for companies seeking to maximise the return on their significant ERP investments,"he said.


Some of the services offered by IBM Global Services Australia include methods of identifying and reducing resistance to change with an organisation that is a consequence of an ERP initiative.

Training Services are provided in addition to Post-ERP Optimisation Services. This latter service is designed to help companies extend the ERP solution to e-business, adding more ERP modules, rolling out to more users and enhancing the IT infrastructure.

Traditional IT Infrastructure Consulting is designed to increase the efficiency of ERP solutions and highlight potential extensions to the Web and links to business Intelligence tools and data warehousing solutions.

IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services protect companies from losses due to unforeseen downtime of their enterprise systems, and is available for all major ERP software suites.

IBM also offers complete outsourcing of ERP solutions for companies of all sizes.

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