Emptying the corporate inbox

Emptying the corporate inbox

Designed to ease the burden on an Exchange server document management solution, as well as make life easier for system administrators and users, IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE migrates email text and attachments onto low-cost optical media.

Deploying IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE prevents mailbox capacity problems and can help improve the efficiency with which users can integrate emails and attachments in collaborative business processes.

Media such as tenders invoices that are submitted by email and storage space-intensive business documents such as presentations, graphics, and video and audio clips, can quickly exceed mailbox storage volume.

IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE migrates business process-related attachments either automatically (rules-based) or interactively to reduce this load. The attachment to the archived mail is stored in IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE. What remains in the mailbox folder on the Exchange server is the mail entry itself, indicated by an icon. By clicking on this icon, users can retrieve immediately their e-mails and attachments. Archived objects can also be viewed using Microsoft Outlook Web Access.


The growing volume of email traffic in small, medium-sized and large companies, some of which have thousands of separate mailboxes, puts significant load on the mailbox server. The reorganisation and emptying of mailboxes requires valuable user and system administrator resources, which IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE can optimise.

Email can be archived onto the archive medium with a drag-and-drop motion. All e-mail functions, such as "Reply" or "Forward", are retained, as is the inbox directory structure. The archiving of complete folders from the mailbox is also possible. System administrators may define archival criteria, such as time interval, mailbox size, or object type for selected mailboxes to have their contents archived automatically. This offloads user mailboxes, while preserving their capability to interactively archive attachments as they see fit.

Pilot installations for major customers such as Bosch, Grundig, Austria Telekom and Connect Austria have been well received. "Our employees can no longer imagine working without this easy-to-use archiving solution. Most users only notice the new tool through the new symbol - a CD, instead of an envelope - on their monitor screen," said Peter Filka, IT services director at Austria Connect.

IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE is available from IXOS in German and English versions. In the future, the product will also be marketed by authorised Microsoft Exchange Resellers.


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