Index Engines Updates eDiscovery Capabilities

Index Engines Updates eDiscovery Capabilities

September 16, 2008: Enterprise discovery solution provider Index Engines has given its eDiscovery capabilites a boost this week with the introduction of a new module that it says enables easier management of large projects.

The module enables a single index to be built from data gathered from multiple ingestion points, and comprehensive searches and extractions across the index.

The company says that this enables the execution and management of very large and complex jobs, involving multiple tape drives, libraries or network connections simultaneously, and significantly reduces the processing time needed.

It also enables enterprise IT teams and eDiscovery service providers to manage multiple tape jobs simultaneously.

“Time is of the essence when looking for digital evidence to support litigation,” said Jim McGann, VP of Marketing for Index Engines. “Index Manager allows large volumes of data to be indexed and searched at unmatched speeds, for faster more cost-effective legal discovery.”

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