DAM speeds media delivery

DAM speeds media delivery

October 20, 2008: Interwoven has delivered features that increase the speed and flexibility of content management with the latest version of MediaBin, its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

A stitch in time saves nine, or so the saying goes, a sentiment well understood by today's marketing professionals marketers face the challenge of efficiently creating, managing, and delivering multi-channel content.

When your production workflow involves tying together content that is drawn from multiple sources in multiple formats, every potential shortcut at each step along the way pays enormous dividends in the final delivery.

The MediaBin version 4.6.2 Web client now incorporates a dynamic, visually interactive tool to enable images to be cropped prior to downloading, speeding performance and conserving bandwidth by allowing users to retrieve only the part of the image that will be used. Multiple images may be cropped and downloaded in the same operation.

Another new function is the ability to watermark assets on retrieval. By automating the application of a watermark to specified images on retrieval from MediaBin, marketing professionals can ensure the inclusion of a company banner on images intended for broad distribution, or mark placeholders as "FPO" (For Placement Only) to prevent production errors. The same feature can be used to merge two images, in the appropriate format, into a single composite image.

"Interwoven is committed to empowering our customers across the entire online marketing cycle," said Seth Rosenblatt, vice president of product marketing for Interwoven's Web solutions.

"The latest version of MediaBin -- already the market leader in digital asset management -- helps marketers deploy rich media assets more quickly and efficiently through every communications channel they use while maintaining consistent branding and messaging. As new consumer behaviors, technologies, and competitive forces drive continued evolution in online business, we'll provide the innovative tools our customers need to maximize online business performance."

Additional enhancements in MediaBin include:

-- Flash Video: FLV Preview support -- Flash video has become a standard format for deploying video across the Web today. Managing these files within MediaBin has been enhanced with this release. As FLV videos are uploaded into MediaBin, preview storyboards will be generated from these assets to provide a frame-by-frame preview;

-- Flash Formats: FLA and SWF -- Assets in these supporting Flash file formats now appear in MediaBin with icons to distinguish them from other asset types, further extending the ability for MediaBin to manage the favorite file types used by most Websites today;

-- Asset Expiration -- Digital assets with an expiration date assigned to them will now be moved automatically to a fixed, system-wide folder when this date has been reached, reducing errors while preserving a backup copy of expired assets;

-- DNG Asset Retrieval -- Digital Negative File (DNG) assets can be easily retrieved in their original format, archived, and converted to a neutral format for repurposing. DNG is a publicly available archival format created by Adobe for the raw files generated by digital cameras;

-- Additional Metadata Support -- MediaBin now supports the GeoTag metadata included in the EXIF format from certain image sources. This supports newer digital cameras which automatically tag images taken with GPS coordinates for returning to the exact location the photograph was taken;

-- Email URLs -- The MediaBin Web client now has the ability to email URLs pointing directly to MediaBin assets or folders; and

-- Exchange Integration -- The MediaBin Web Client is now integrated with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Address Books, making it simpler and more convenient to e-mail assets to individual or multiple recipients.

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