Sentilla Offers Energy Management

Sentilla Offers Energy Management

January 29, 2009: Energy management solution provider Sentilla has introduced a new solution for data centres, saying it can help slash energy costs and carbon footprints via energy tracking at the server level.

Sentilla says that its Energy Manager provides detailed analysis of the power profile of a given data centre, enabling managers and IT staff to better measure and manage power consumption, increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

The core of Sentilla's technology is a series of tiny microprocessors embedded in intelligent power strips. These measure energy consumption at the server level to generate a profile of use in a single snapshot that can be remotely managed.

The company claims that the result is insight into real-world conditions directly at the source of power activity. Energy Manager wirelessly transmits data from each server back into the remote management system and alerts administrators to where and when the load is peaking, enabling more effective power management decisions to be made.

“As energy resources become more scarce and IT and operating budgets get leaner, companies are looking at ways to do more with less,” says Bob Davis, chief executive officer of Sentilla. “Sentilla offers businesses the power to evaluate and subsequently transform energy-draining data centres into more efficient and less costly operations.”

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