Kell Shows Off SMB Server System

Kell Shows off SMB Server System

February 2, 2009: Kell Systems has rolled out its ComputerVault Mini, dubbing the system an affordable computer room alternative for small offices thanks to a combination of extreme noise reduction and high thermal capacity.

The company says that as it is so quiet, businesses can deploy the server enclosure as well as network hardware directly in the office workspace, doing away with the need for a dedicated computer room.

The Mini is designed to house a complete small office IT installation, including one or two servers, plus storage, network hardware and peripheral devices. It accepts tower form factor servers or can be upgraded to accept rack form factor servers.

“With server manufacturers rapidly driving down power consumption and heat emissions, with onboard terabyte storage widely available and with virtualisation becoming best practice, computer rooms are simply not needed anymore in many small offices, “ said Kell Systems CEO, Tim Walsh. “Only a few years ago, it took an air-conditioned computer room with a couple of racks inside to provide IT service levels that can now be supplied by a couple of high-spec servers.”

“ComputerVault MiniTM lets small businesses reclaim that computer room space by moving their IT installation into the open office, eliminating all of the barriers such as server noise, security, power distribution and physical appearance, in a compact and elegant package that can even fit under a standard desk".

Kell says that Mini costs around one fifth of what a dedicated computer room with similar performance and capacity in mind, and beyond this initial saving can also offer running costs less than one tenth of a server room, as well as space-saving opportunities.

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