Connectivity Secure Server gets Tolly tick

Connectivity Secure Server gets Tolly tick

February 6, 2009: Open Text Connectivity Secure Server has topped the results of a new study into secure shell servers.

With billions of dollars of annual losses attributed to security breaches, organisations are under increasing pressure from auditors and shareholders to step up their security efforts. Connectivity Secure Server is a high-performance server for Windows which offers SFTP file transfer and secure terminal sessions, as well as FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for securing network traffic.

It is meant to replace Telnet and FTP servers, which transmit passwords and data in clear text, with a more secure alternative providing strong authentication, network encryption and data integrity. It can also encrypt any third party TCP/IP network transmission. Finally, it can be used in conjunction with Open Text's client products to provide a complete end‐to‐end security solution.

Open Text commissioned The Tolly Group to compare Connectivity Secure Server against other secure shell servers from Attachmate and SSH Communications Security.

Major findings of the report include:•Connectivity Secure Server delivers the highest performance and maximum scalability;• it costs up to 12X less to support 1,000 concurrent SFTP connections;•Completes 1,000 SFTP file transfer sessions from four PC clients on a single server, while otherservers tested failed to scale properly;•Imposes less overhead on host server CPU;•Uses 9X less server CPU memory to complete 36MB file transfer to client.

“Not all secure shell server products are created equal,” said Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group.

“Our testing shows Connectivity Secure Server consistently outperformed rival product offerings tested delivering superior processing speed by completing single file transfer up to 24X faster than the other two competitors at a fraction of the total cost.”

“Our product was designed for our customers who are not willing to compromise between security, performance and cost to fulfill their connectivity needs,” said Eugene Cherny, General Manager for connectivity solutions at Open Text. “Connectivity Secure Server follows the tradition of technology excellence and customer commitment which we started with Exceed 20 years ago.”

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